Maple Leaf Health Care Center

Maple Leaf offers everything you’re looking for in a senior living community.

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198 Pearl St.
Manchester, NH 03104

Live Better at

Maple Leaf Health Care Center.

With an experienced team dedicated to superior care, your loved one is in good hands. Always.

When it comes to long term care, we’ve got everything covered.

Medical Care

Social Activities

Personal Care



Ensuring a smooth transition from hospital to home

Medical Management

Promoting health and wellbeing with quality care

Respite Care

Giving caregivers an opportunity to recharge

Memory Care

Providing safety for patients with mild memory impairment

Recreational Programs

Organizing leisurely activities for socializing and stimulation

Individualized care lives here.

Providing comprehensive healthcare through the professional collaboration of

h Administrative Staff

h Occupational Therapy

h Physicians

h Speech Therapy

h Mental Health Professionals

h Respiratory Therapy

h Nurses

h Physical Therapy

Discover your loved one’s
new home with us.